Back Story

In the summer of 2016 Sue and Joe Salisbury decided to purchase The Daily Grind drive thru. They met with the owner Mike and formed what they hoped would be a long-time friendship. Sue and Joe loved the business that Mike had built over the past 16 years and wanted to be a a part of it. Mike was gracious and supportive and helped them get off to a great start. They are so pleased that after a brief hiatus, Mike is back now working at the Drive-Thru!

After about a year owning and running the Drive-Thru the building in front of the Drive-Thru was sold and the perfect location for a sit-down coffee shop opened up! Friends and family were mobilized and in 2 month The Daily Grind Coffeehouse was created.

The Daily Grind Team

Our Staff

In the Drive-Thru we have Mocha Mike -his humor and customer service skills keep customers coming back day after day.

Also working in the drive-thru we have Magnificent Mack – don’t forget to come to the Drive Thru in the afternoons from 3-5 to see Magnificent Mack!

Inside the Coffeehouse we have Terrific Mary. Her kindness and mad Barista skills make her an instant favorite. Weekend Crew Saige and Amelia will add some spice with their fun spirit.

Completing this incredible crew is Java Joe, the rock and head Barista. Joe is the planner and the dreamer of this whole endeavor. He keeps things moving and shaking.

We can’t forget the behind the scenes crew-the back up dancers so to speak. First “The Girls” the “we need help now” crew Ellie, and Larissa. The dishwashers Shari and Tammy and the ad-hoc paper pusher, Sue (Muffin).

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